[Tweeters] South Prairie Red-shouldered Hawk (Skamania Co)

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There is no Sweetflag Folktail (even though I want there to be one!). It is Sweetflag Spreadwing. Western Forktail was present, but this is "spreadwing time". On the high Cascades Lakes lakes in OR and WA, about 5 or so species of spreadwings can now been seen. They are easy to observe as they perch nicely and are damselflies, but they don't hold their wings above the abdomen, yet spread them out like an airplane.

Thanks, Dennis!

Stefan Schlick
Hillsboro, OR

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White netting darners at South Prairie, a Red-shouldered Hawk started calling. He called for quite a while. This is a highly unlikely location for a Red-shouldered Hawk, so much so that I personally would doubt sightings from a spot like this. South Prairie is a combination of bog/lake, but also - by now - dry prairie. It is however 20mi north of the Columbia River in sea of woods.

A male Red Crossbill was baffled when he landed a mere 8ft away and noticed that I was also present.

Subarctic Darner and Brush-tipped Emerald were nice! So were many Sweetflag Forktails, a species considered mega rare in the area until folks started looking a little harder. I may also have netted a Black-tipped Darner.

The bog also had lots of Great Sundew.

Stefan Schlick
Hillsboro, OR
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