[Tweeters] White-winged Crossbill etc. @ Chinook Pass

Xander Sowers sowersalexander1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 11:15:31 PDT 2021

Hey tweets,

After seeing all the reports of central Cascade WWCRs, I figure that i’ll
mention that I had a single bird flyover just a few miles north of Chinook
Pass this past weekend. I was under the impression that they were a little
more abundant this year, but I had no idea that there were so many
sightings! I guess this would be the time to get out and get that county
tick if you haven’t already this past winter.

I saw this bird while doing a 20 mile section of the PCT starting just S of
Government Meadows, other highlights included:

- 2 separate Brewer’s Sparrows both seen with small groups of young juncos
and Chipping Sparrows. It also appears to be a good year for them in the

- 2 female Lazuli Buntings also seen with a group of young Chipping
Sparrows, this was in a burn about 10 miles south of Gov Meadows.

- A seemingly out of place Anna’s Hummingbird a couple miles S of
Government Meadows. They have always seemed rare at this elevation - but
ever since Sawmill Burn starting getting birded, it’s seems that they’re
actually a lot more numerous than I expected.

Good birding, Alex Sowers
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