[Tweeters] Shorebird heaven in Potholes Lake area

William Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 9 06:12:05 PDT 2021

Hello Tweeters,

Yesterday Bill and I left Edmonds early for a lightning trip
to the Potholes Lake area. Our first objective was to see the Sharp-tailed
Sandpiper reported by Maxine Reid late last month and now seen by at least
30 other birders. This bird, unusually in alternate plumage, was in Lind
Coulee maybe ¼ mile west of the boat launch across the bridge on M Street.
We found that beautiful shorebird surrounded by lots of Least Sandpipers and
several Pectoral Sandpipers. The wind was blowing when we arrived ruffling
the feathers of the Sharp-tailed. The water levels in this whole area are
low, but, in what water was left, there were many, many shorebirds—Western
Sandpipers, both yellowlegs, stilts, etc. Pelicans and geese were flying

After enjoying this scene for a while, we drove a mile or two
to Perch Point. Here too the water was very low, but hundreds of shorebirds
and many Cinnamon Teal were feeding in what water was left. Finally, we
spent a while at Potholes State Park. We walked left from the boat launch
in the park and found well over 100 Forster’s Terns and one Black Tern, many
pelicans, stilts, and Long-billed Dowitchers resting on the muddy shore.
Later we found a number of Black-crowned Night-Herons roosting along the
waterway north of the park.

All of this and the rain west of us and wind had swept away
the smoke and the daytime high was about 75 degrees. Happy birding,
Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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