[Tweeters] Bar Tailed Godwit at Westport Marina

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Sun Aug 1 16:57:09 PDT 2021

The large flock of Marbled Godwits has returned to the barges near the entrance to the Westport Marina.  A single juvenile Bar Tailed Godwit has been among them at times.
I first checked the flock (scope views from end of Float 21) this morning around 10:30.  At first scan of the 400+ Marbled Godwits, I did not see it.  A few birds flew in and some left although I did not notice a Bar Tailed.  Around 10:50 I saw the smaller grayer Bar Tailed in the flock.  Size and distinct supercilium were standouts.
I left to look for a Wandering Tatler (unsuccessfully) at the gloins seen from observation platform.  Around 11:30 a group of 30+ godwits flew by.  One was the Bar Tailed.  They seemed to land on the inside of the marina on the invisible side of the jetty rocks.  It would have been possible to hike out and check but I did not do so.
I returned to Float 21 and saw at most 150 godwits.  No Bar Tailed.  It moves around.  Probably best to check at or around high tide.
It was very foggy/cloudy on open beach around Grayland.  Many fewer shorebirds than last week but I had at least 3 Snowy Plovers.

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