[Tweeters] Crow caching behavior

Marcia Ian gnudle at icloud.com
Wed Apr 28 14:33:36 PDT 2021

I have several crow pals in my neighborhood. We meet up at mutually agreed upon spots and I put some kibble on the ground for them. From their bird’s eye view they can see where on the trail my dog and I are walking, and come on down. If I don’t notice them at first they make a quiet little clucking sound for me, which I love. Anyway, lately one or two of them have devised a clever strategy. After eating some, they fill up their beaks with the small dog kibble in a row till it looks like peas in a pod, fly off to a spot in nearby grass, and deposit it there. Then they mark the spot with bits of grass or plant matter, or sometimes a small twig or two. So cool!

Marcia Ian

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