[Tweeters] Common crane v PEFA

Jason Ransom jiransom at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 14:13:26 PDT 2021

Crane has been off of Estes Rd for several hours. About 13:00, it displayed with open wings and then charged, running about 20-30 m, with neck outstretched and bustle flared, at a swooping peregrine. PEFA made several passes at the crane and then diverted to flush shorebirds nearby. PEFA appeared to get a shorebird at the other end of the pond, ate it, and then came back and harassed the crane again about 13:30. Crane met the PEFA head on and flew up a meter or so off the ground to deflect the PEFA. PEFA finally left, and the crane remained at the location. I will post some photos on eBird, though they are quite distant. Interesting behavior!

Jason Ransom, PhD
(NPS wildlife biologist)

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