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Daniel Lipinski dano135 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 13:44:21 PDT 2021

Saturday on Bainbridge Island - I had a FOY pacific slope flycatcher in my yard (seen and heard) Similar to past years I get one right about mid warbler push. YRWA been through in the last 2-weeks, had many OCWA (seen and heard) and either black throated gray (local breeder) or Townsends singing in the trees.... they sound so close unless a visual confirmed I need to calibrate my ears before a confident "heard only" ID. Also saw a pair of Red-crossbills- which is awesome as I mostly only hear them in flocks at the tops of the firs.... Breeding/nest material gathering confirmed for pine siskin, both chickadees, SOSP, robin, bewick's and pacific wren, towhee, junco. Found the new nest hole for the local pileated woodpecker, redbreasted sapsuckers, and flickers as well. House finch, purple finch, and American goldfinch have also been singing their little hearts out daily. Last Saturday (2-weeks prior) had a hermit/swainsons thrush in the yard. Assumed it was a hermit as that would have been a pretty early Swainsons but it was too dark/quick to get a good look at it. Cheers!
-Update -this email got bounced back (too many tweeters address in my senders list) ... so updating to a confirmed Swainsons thrush in the yard - lacking a redish tail of a hermit thrush - today 4/26/21.

Dan on Bainbridge
dano135@ hotmail,com
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