[Tweeters] Pelicans & Yellow-headed Blackbird near Lynden.

Eric Ellingson abriteway at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 20:57:50 PDT 2021

I followed up on reports of ~15 American White Pelicans near Lynden off Hannegan Rd today.

They were near a hunting blind on a small dry area in the middle of a wet part of a cornfield. There were hundreds of birds there.

~15 American White Pelicans
https://flic.kr/ps/2WdJ37 - pelican photo
~30 White-fronted Geese - moving around quite a bit with eagles terrorizing the ducks & others.
1 Yellow-headed Blackbird, another sighting at Flynn Retention Pond - that one calling.

Black-bellied Plovers
Least Sandpipers - probable.
~500 Snow Goose
hundreds of ducks.

Eric Ellingson

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