[Tweeters] Reporting violations of migratory bird act?

Jill Freidberg jill.freidberg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 22:14:25 PDT 2021

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to report local violations of the migratory bird act. A construction project in Pioneer Square was notified, more than once, that crows had built a nest in their construction elevator. Today, they ran the elevator through the nest, destroying it.

I know it’s “just crows.” But if they care that little, what other environmental protections are they willing to violate on other projects, when they think no one is looking? Cutting down protected trees, improperly disposing of waste water? What if it had been a Peregrine nest instead of a crows nest? Holding people accountable for small transgressions is one way to prevent the cumulative impacts of repeated violations.


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