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Tue Apr 20 21:27:37 PDT 2021

Hello Tweeters,

Since we aren't flying anywhere this year, we are spending
more time trying to track down birds in Washington State that we don't see
often. In this pursuit we have been to Eastern Washington twice this month
mostly looking for birds that other people have reported on ebird. Some
birds, like the Lewis's Woodpecker, are easy. If you go to Oak Creek
Canyon, you will see them. Others, like Long-billed Curlew, are more
challenging. Someone sees a curlew in a field one day and it may be miles
away by the next day. We finally found 3 south of Touchet. Then, after all
that searching, we randomly saw one flying along the railroad tracks near a
grain elevator in Othello.

We looked for birds in Oak Creek Canyon, Bethel Ridge, WE
Johnson Park in Richland, several spots around Walla Walla, the sewage
treatment ponds near Quincy, and Umptanum Road. One spot we had never
visited before was Bennington Lake, a reservoir, right by Walla Wall. The
reservoir is almost dry. Not sure if this is normal. While there, we
photographed 2 Wilson's Snipe. According to ebird this was the first
sighting of snipe there. Ours was certainly the only photo anyone has
taken. Later in the day others posted ebird lists, and the snipe were not
on them. They must have already left.

I have created a small album here with just a few of our
best photos. You can view them through the Flickr link below.


Wishing you all happy birding experiences! Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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