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Richard James rich at rjassociates.ca
Sun Apr 18 17:43:37 PDT 2021

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> Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021 12:53:36 -0700 From: Maggie Martos

> <inkwellpro at me.com>

> Subject: [Tweeters] Seeking Nikon body


> Hello I?m looking for a used Nikon body to replace my broken camera.

> I?m a Nikon user. I Want to use with my new Nikkor 80-400 AF lens. I

> broke my D200 camera body when I fell on ice in Cle Elum. Any leads

> are welcome!

Maggie, best choice is a D500 or Z6/Z6II if you want to stay with APS-C

Compared to the D200, you will find that lens much more usable at f5.6
than on a D200. High-ISO is your saviour (been there, used that lens on
that body... not good in winter!)

You say "new" 80-400, I assume that means if is AF-S, not the original
AF (with screw drive AF). If the latter, you need to check the support
on the camera for that lens.

Richard James
From an Island in the Pacific,
Victoria, BC

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