[Tweeters] Whidbey delights

davearm at uw.edu davearm at uw.edu
Sun Apr 18 14:11:18 PDT 2021

Some bird highlights/delights from 2 stops today. Short eared owl still around Crockett lake near purple Martin boxes at row of pilings that cross the lake. Also western and least sandpipers along edge of tideflats farther east.
Deer Lagoon has a few new birds in last 48 hr. On the saltwater side black bellied plovers and dunlin in breeding plumage, western sandpipers, whimbrels, Ca and mew gulls, lots of greater yellow legs .
On the freshwater side 13 white Pelicans, 100+ caspian terns, 100+ lesser scaup, still pintails,
bufflehead, gadwalls, marsh wrens, Virginia rails....a good collection.
Most interesting behavior was near-vertical launch of a Canada goose off its nest to intercept a threatening ballad Eagle. I’ve never seen such concerted vertical flight by one. The eagle left quickly .
david armstrong

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