[Tweeters] Seattle Brewer's Sparrow continues

pan panmail at mailfence.com
Sat Apr 17 11:10:57 PDT 2021

Hi, Tweets,

Amazingly, the Brewer's Sparrow continues into its third day at Seattle's Montlake Fill, giving fairly cooperative views near the trail in the shrubs southwest of the central pond. Look for the knot of birders.

Also this morning: continuing early pair of Blue-winged Teal (often hiding in marshy spots), two groups of at least 14 American Pipits in total, pausing in various open areas, a female Wood Duck entering a nest box, and a visible Virginia Rail, always a treat.

I also may have seen European fire ants patrolling the railing of the boardwalk in the woods, so be careful. (They sting.)

17 April, 2021,

Alan Grenon
panmail AT mailfence.com

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