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Just got back from two days plus in Douglas County. I'll be posting to my blog during the week, but wanted to throw out some highlights:

Geese: I had hoped to time this well enough to add some goose species, and it was just good enough with a flyover of five Snow Geese while in East Wenatchee, and three Greater White-fronted Geese at Porter's Pond along the Apple Capital Loop Trail in East Wenatchee.

I'd also gone a little early in hopes of catching Dunlin, and I did have a half-dozen or so of them at the pond on the West side of Highway 17 just south of St Andrews. Some of these little ponds/flooded fields between Highway 17 and Atkins Lake were a little dead on Sunday, so I tried again on Monday. The pond at 6th and N had 5 Black-necked Stilts and 6 Greater Yellowlegs on the return trip, as well as a FOY Savannah Sparrow.

Banks lake touches Douglas County right where highway 2 meets it. I've been making it a point to go down there each month and have found it to be nearly birdless every time! But it's not far out of the way, so I gave it another try. As I was coming down 2, I saw a large white bird leave a pothole lake south of the freeway, and fly for the little slice of Douglas. I pulled over and got binoculars on it - Great Egret!? I definitely considered American White Pelican but there was absolutely no black in the wings, and the general shape of the bird felt right for GREG. I thought it was a little early to have them, but there appear to be other sightings further South on the Columbia.

C road in the Southeast corner was good for most of the sage-y birds (Brewer's, Vesper, and Sagebrush Sparrows, as well as Sage Thrasher).

That's most of what I can remember off of the top of my head, but more will be posted at www.douglascountybirding.blogspot.com<http://www.douglascountybirding.blogspot.com> when I get a chance.


Tim Brennan

OH! and the consensus seems to be Swainson's Hawk on the bird I'd asked about on Tweeters. Thanks to all who took the time to share their thoughts.
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A dozen or so birding trips to Douglas County in Washington State in 2021, featuring stunning landscapes, decent pictures of food, and forgettable images of birds.

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