[Tweeters] A Park that Discovers Birds

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Mon Apr 12 14:40:06 PDT 2021

Given that there have been at least two independent reports now, I'm happy to surrender to the world of possibility. My birding skills are at the low to medium level, so I mis-identify birds all the time. Especially ones that are mostly gray.

I wish the bird well. Not many pine nuts around here. Hope they happened to have a full throat pouch before getting "blown off" the mountain. Given that CLNU don't migrate much, I wonder where that they could get diverted from the peaks to the shore.

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA

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> A kindly response to the suggestion that a Clark's Nutcracker might

> be too rare for Discovery Park. When riding shot-gun for Mrs. Kevin Li one

> day, I remember seeing one at the Historic District a couple

> of years ago? was the same day we saw a Clark's Grebe at the

> West Point Lighthouse. And somewhere in my mental fog, did not a

> Smith's Longspur occur at Marymoor Park? Let's all just surrender to

> the world of possibility.


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