[Tweeters] Clark's Nutcracker, Discovery Park, Seattle

THOMAS BENEDICT benedict.t at comcast.net
Mon Apr 12 11:15:02 PDT 2021

Any chance it could have been a Northern Mockingbird? I only ask because Clark's Nutcracker is so out of habitat and NOMO has been reported at Discovery Park in the past.

They have similar shape and color.

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA

> On 04/12/2021 10:10 AM John Puschock <g_g_allin at hotmail.com> wrote:



> A single Clark's Nutcracker was flying around the West Point area of Discovery Park and 10 AM. Last seen flying around the eastern part of the point. Not sure if it's still here or not.


> John Puschock

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