[Tweeters] Mountain Bluebird, Seattle

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Fri Apr 9 12:24:12 PDT 2021


Alex S. showed me a female Mountain Bluebird along the shore of Lake Washington at Seattle's Montlake Fill early this morning. It moved to the U. W. farm on the north side, where many birders gathered to watch it. It may still be there, for all I know. (I had to leave around 9:30.)

Louis K. also found a Chipping Sparrow at the farm then, which at least a few of us got to see.

The crows haven't figured out to not bother the newly returned Osprey yet, and one of the nesting Cooper's Hawks made the huge size difference obvious as he (presumably) harassed a passing Bald Eagle. I also saw a couple of Pied-billed Grebe flights, something I pretty much only see during migration periods (as now). One made a long flight along the lake shore, then rose slightly to fly to the central pond. So that's how they get in there.

9 April, 2021,

Alan Grenon
panmail AT mailfence.com

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