[Tweeters] White-headed Woodpeckers - April is Citizen Science Month

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 19:01:35 PDT 2021

It's April -- Global Citizen Science Month.

If you're in Yakima or Kittitas Counties, please keep an eye out for color
banded White-headed Woodpeckers. Share your finds with biologist Jeff Kozma
at kozj at yakamafish-nsn.gov.

Your White-headed Woodpecker eBird entry with a note that you didn't look
for leg bands, or looked for but weren't able to see leg bands, or saw
colors on just one leg helps too. But Jeff doesn't get eBird information
magically, so send him a link to your lists. Pictures of birds with leg
bands are great!

I used to search for White-headed Woodpecker eBird sightings, and read the
descriptions and look for leg bands in the photos and on Flickr, but have
not been up for that for a while. Late this winter my wife & I found a
female White-headed Woodpecker that was missing last year & sent Jeff
photos and her location. Jeff tracked her and her mate down soon after. We
had banded her in 2015. She's at least eight years old!

They have two bands on each leg. Leg band colors include silver (aluminum),
white, red, mauve (pale purple), orange, green, light green, pink, yellow,
and blue. When reporting colors, please list right leg first, then left
leg. For example, the right leg was Orange over Metal and the left leg was
Yellow over Blue. In this case, Orange is closest to the body and Metal
closest to the foot, and Yellow closest to the body and Blue closest to the
foot. Please note, right and left are the birds right and left legs, not
your right and left as you perceive the bird.

Jeff really cares for the birds and his study has been fruitful. Kudos to
him for becoming the lead author and updating the Birds of the World
White-headed Woodpecker species account.

Thanks for making your observations count.

Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Yakima County, WA
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