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At least when I was raising waterfowl, all that was required was marking. A band could be used but one could also remove that tiny toe on the back of the leg. That would be sufficient to meet the requirement. Plus, while a commercial breeder/dealer would mark the birds a person who just "had a pair" might not be aware of the rule and might not mark ducklings and then they escape.

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> Yesterday on eBird, a male Mandarin Duck was posted at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, first on the sand in front of the condos, then after flying, near the mouth of Juanita Creek. It was still there late this a.m., sitting on the far edge of the creek in the sawdust, then walking around a bit. A photographer reported that it had also been at the lake edge in the same area. The spot where it was sitting this morning is best accessed by heading for the beach where most of the gulls hang out, past the volleyball area, then taking the short “dry land” trail to the creek edge.


> Not that I think it flew in from Japan, but it had no leg bands. Where ever he came from, he’s a beauty!

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