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Tweets – we had a really good day at Marymoor, and that’s no fooling. It was a crisp 35 degrees to start, but the sun made its way through the thin overcast and by 9:00 we were too warm. Lots to look at today. Listening to birds was hampered by the American Robin Tabernacle Choir belting out all of their famous hits at full volume. We were a big group, and Jordan again volunteered to lead a group going the other direction around the loop.

a.. Greater White-fronted Goose – Jordan’s group had one with a flock of Canadas. We’ve only ever had 4 later spring sightings
b.. Cackling Goose – Also with that flock of Canadas. Jordan said that these had extra large areas of white on the neck
c.. Ten species of duck – again
d.. CALIFORNIA QUAIL – predawn, Matt and I heard and then saw a male along the southwest edge of the East Meadow. First of Year (FOY)
e.. TURKEY VULTURE – Jordan’s group had one over the Lake Platform. Hours later, my group had one over the Rowing Club. (FOY)
f.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – My group saw one over the Pea Patch. Some people from Jordan’s group had one too.
g.. Varied Thrush – Jordan’s group had one
h.. Cedar Waxwing – my group had a small flock
i.. AMERICAN PIPIT – my group had one on the grass in the Dog Meadow. (FOY)
j.. American Goldfinch – after a 3-week absence, we had these in several locations, including some singing. Males are turning bright
k.. Savannah Sparrow – several birds in East Meadow, one in Pea Patch. First songs
l.. WHITE-THROATED SPARROW – my group had 2 birds (I think, with one being very drab) next to Dog Central
m.. White-crowned Sparrow – Pea Patch, among other places. Jordan’s group heard both Pugetensis and Gambeli songs
n.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – some singing, some nice Audubon’s males
o.. Townsend’s Warbler – two singing near stage – got looks at one. Songs sounded weak, and more like Black-throated Gray
Misses today included Virginia Rail, Cooper’s Hawk, Northern Shrike*, and Western Meadowlark.

Jordan’s group had 56 species, my group had 61 species though several were heard-only. Combined, we had 70 species.

*Yesterday, I was there in the afternoon, and picked up three additional species: One BAND-TAILED PIGEON (FOY), one MERLIN, and one NORTHERN SHRIKE, to make 73 species for the week!

I think we’re at 96 species for the year.

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