[Tweeters] White-winged Crossbills in Snohomish County

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The Crossbills are still in the area described in the email below. Thanks to birders Larry and Natalie from South Everett, I was able to see a single male white-winged crossbill make a brief landing on top of a tree, and shortly thereafter we saw a flock of about 50 birds make a quick flyby. Conditions were less than optimal with wind, occasional rain, and even a bit of sleet. Sightings at 1:40 PM this afternoon, Monday, November 30.

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> Hi all -

> Following up on eBird reports, this morning I went to the spot outside Darrington where a flock of White-winged Crossbills [WWCR] have been reported.

> As of this morning between 8-9am, there was a good-sized flock present.

> The flock[s] were moving around quite a bit, but hopefully will stick around.


> Thanks to David Poortinga for eBirding w/ good directions that worked like a charm:

> The birds were at 48.2585,-121.6908. Park at the gate at the south end of 407th, and walk about half a mile to a 3-way intersection. Bear right, walk around the log barrier, and proceed about 200 yards. Hopefully, the birds will stick around for others as there was a decent amount of cones. Flight calls and "veet" calls audible on attached recording. I was hoping to get audio of them opening cones, which seemed very loud in real life, but that didn't come through on recordings.


> I went to the point he described and almost immediately had several crossbills audible then visible. Over the hour, they moved around everywhere between that spot and the parking spot.


> We’ve had a lot of WWCR reports this winter, but this is probably the first group that seems to have done more than fly-by for brief views. Hoping we get to see more in the coming months


> Matt Bartels

> Seattle, WA




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