[Tweeters] Marbled Murrelets, Rhinos, Long-tailed Ducks (interesting plumage) photos, Semiahmoo Bay, Blaine WA

Eric Ellingson abriteway at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 28 18:57:21 PDT 2020

A week ago, Saturday 3/21 I took another social distancing skiff ride from Birch Bay Marina. This time about 5 miles north toward Semiahmoo Resort area. Cool, calm and sunny weather.

Of note were:

Long-tailed Ducks, 35. One of the photos in the linked album has a long-tail in a plumage I've not seen or at least not often. An interesting molting cycle for those that find that stuff interesting.

Horned Grebes, when my skiff was still a long way off they would get up and fly/run on the water in a different direction. Behaviour I do not see other times of the year, when they are more approachable and dive to get out of the way.

Marbled Murrelets, 2. After seeing a pair the day before about 15 miles south from today's location, I was very pleased to see another pair let alone have such a good view & photos.

Rhinoceros Auklet, 1. Today's viewing was of one non-breeding bird. Orange bill, no whiskers, etc. Interesting that the previous days viewing of about 17, all were in breeding plumage.

Black Oystercatchers, 2. A pair looks to be setting up a nest in their usual spot.

Double-crested Cormorants. Many showing off their double-crests.

Link to photos: https://flic.kr/ps/2WdJ37

Eric Ellingson

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