[Tweeters] Nesting Bewick's Wrens

Jill Freidberg jill.freidberg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 10:02:05 PDT 2020

I live in Seattle’s Central District and I’ve just discovered a pair of Bewick’s building a nest in my Mason bee box. I can watch the (steady) progress from my kitchen window, which is a welcome distraction during these frightening days of isolation.

They’re in a box like this one <https://www.rentmasonbees.com/products/shipped-to-your-door-leafcutter-bee-kit> I’ve heard that House Sparrows and even Song Sparrows will predate their nests and that there’s some kind of guard that can be attached to nest boxes to reduce the likelihood of that. I mean, now that I think about it, I guess crows and rats (of which we have many in the CD) would also be a threat. Now, I’m no stranger to the food chain, and I know that sometimes nature is ugly. For example, I assume that wren nestlings will eat any Mason bee larvae that share the box. Oh well. But life is sad and scary right now, and I’d love to watch this wren family thrive without having to witness too much carnage. Any suggestions on a quick and non-intrusive guard I could rig over this box to give them some added protection?

Also, *do* rats eat wren eggs around here? Ugh.


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