[Tweeters] Bird paparazzi

Robert Gray robertgary02 at aol.com
Sat Mar 28 09:29:50 PDT 2020

Although I'm sure there is no shortage of people out right now trampling through essential wildlife habitat in search of the perfect photograph I thought I would post this anyway. East 90 near Edison is the place that I have seen the most egregious examples of this poor behavior so I'll focus on this spot particularly. Those owls and other birds lead a precarious existence. Those fields are their essential hunting grounds and every time someone tramps through those grounds the margin of survival gets thinner for the objects of your obsession. With those lenses you can exercise patience and get excellent photographs from the road without invading essential habitat and causing prey to conceal themselves. I cannot fathom that the people I see out there don't see themselves as I do: wildlife paparazzi willing to endanger the livelihood of their subjects in a mindless pursuit of the perfect digital image. Maybe some can do better once the danger from coronavirus subsides.
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