[Tweeters] hums on my feeder

Linda Talman linda.talman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 20:25:33 PDT 2020

We have more hummingbirds than normal this year - rufous and Anna's. The
former are not being their usual aggressive selves. Maybe it's the nature
of our new normal as we notice humans being so careful with each other - if
I might anthropomorphize a bit.

But my question is this - at dusk today and yesterday we noticed a bunch of
Anna's loading up at are feeders. Is that just when they feed or are they
likely to be migrating. Or are they using the nesting material we put out
and only going out at that time to keep their nests safer.
My husband and I have to switch ends of the table nowr and then to give our
necks a break!

Nice to live in a small town these days where a social safe distance allows
you to greet neighbors on porches or out for a walk -- or gardening.


*The only real job of a public official is to make their grandchildren
proud. That's called vision..... Linda*

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