[Tweeters] sammamish ravens?

ck park travelgirl.fics at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:22:22 PDT 2020

does anyone know if sammamish has nesting ravens? two large dark-feathered
birds were being harrassed by the local corvid gang for about ten minutes
close to the top trunk of a tall evergreen. at an opportune moment, they
flew out, sadly away from me (and so mostly hidden from easy viewing).

my mind wants to say they were close to the size of red-tails, but there
was a noticeable lack of any colour but black anywhere on the birds. i
would have said they were larger than ravens, but admit i was a little too
far to accurately gauge. they were easily larger than the crows; that much
was certain.

FYI: as they flew off, they were each carrying small branches, possibly
for nesting.

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork
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