[Tweeters] Fwd: Did I Miss a Birding Exemption to Stay At Home?

Susan Treu streu at gold.uidaho.edu
Thu Mar 26 14:55:00 PDT 2020

Thank you for your message.

I too am frustrated with people traveling far and wide rather than staying home. We now have three cases of COVID-19, with at least two cases confirmed to have been contracted from outside the county. Stay home, please.

Be grateful for some quiet time. I’m planning and mapping bird outings to share with my grandchildren once it’s safe to travel again. I’ve been enjoying all the birds coming to our feeder everyday -- at my leisure. The regulars are especially beautiful with their dazzling spring colors. Goldfinches, Juncos, Robins and the continuing Blue Jays and Harris’s Sparrow.

Please stay home and enjoy the bird bounty in your own yard or neighborhood. As someone well into her 60s, I sincerely appreciate your cooperation. I selfishly want to be alive next year.

Peace, and be well.

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There continue to be numerous Ebird and Tweeters reports of birding in many places around the state. Maybe some are on permitted walks or visits to groceries, BUT are from remote destination areas. I understand that the chances of acquiring or transmitting COVID-19 are small or nil in these areas, but we are all in this together and if this is the response of the birding community what kind of example is this for other communities and individuals who may feel they too can ignore the order to do something they like and just maybe endanger themselves and others?


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