[Tweeters] Accentor today

William Risser wlrisser at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 13:32:11 PDT 2020

At 11:38 this morning Jan and I saw the accentor for 20 seconds in the
apple tree.
We had parked beyond the tree to watch at 10:30. There weren’t many birds
around. The accentor suddenly appeared on the top left edge of the tree. It
dropped to the ground beneath the tree but we couldn’t find it again.

When we got to the site at about 9:30 or so another birder said that she
had been looking for about 2 hours without success. There had been a lot of
birds initially until the farmer did something that scared them away.

In the bad light of a gray day the color in the face and chest wasn’t

Jan found a immature rough-legged hawk hunting in the field way out from
the road.

Will Risser, Portland
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