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Wed Mar 25 13:40:20 PDT 2020

The Richland Rod and Gun Club has a Wood Duck Program. I am passing on this
email for anyone interested in following some of the boxes that have live
cams or want to view via YouTube. It is really worth watching. They also do
banding and are working on owl cams.

Please find pasted below today's e-mail from Richland Rod & Gun Club with
interesting information regarding their Wood Duck Program. There are some
results from last years program and they do have a hen sitting on eggs as
of yesterday:

We have accomplished performing the annual maintenance of all 474 nesting
boxes that were available for wood ducks last nesting season. We have
replaced some of those boxes that have reached the end of their life with
boxes built by youth at the Sportsman Show or Kids Duck Day, and by
students at Libby Middle School or Homeschool students. The data collected
during the effort shows 56.5 % of boxes were used by wood ducks, 86 boxes
were used by Western Screech Owls, cooperative banding with WDFW installed
17 new bands on owls and had 24 owls recaptured having been banded in
previous years. There were 186 nest boxes that had successful hatching of
ducklings evidenced by us counting 1214 membranes. We believe this number
is a very conservative estimate of the actual number of ducklings that were
hatched and jumped from the nest boxes. The reason we feel the number is
lower than actual is because many membranes are "lost" between the hatch
and when the box cleaning is performed months later.

Now that all the boxes are ready for hens, we will start to survey boxes
for banding efforts. A few selected checks indicate the early nesting
activities have started. One box checked on 3-22-20 we found and
recaptured a hen sitting on 10 eggs. This hen is a banded hen that has
returned to this same box or adjacent boxes since 2016 when she was first
banded. Additionally we had deployed a geolocator on this hen last year on
4-23-19. Her nest hatched out and jumped from the box on 5-19-19.
Apparently the ducklings perished and she re-nested in the same nest box
which jumped on 7-15-19. The geolocator has been recovered/removed to
download the mini data logger data and we will report on the migration data
after the data is processed and analyzed. We are hopeful that we will
recover more of the 16 geolocators that were deployed last spring when we
get further into the nesting season.

We have 2 channels on YouTube that we are attempting to stream live video.
We have had some upload bandwidth problems which drops off our live stream,
requiring us to make a field trip to reset the equipment. You can view the
active live channels on YouTube with a search for "Wood Duck Project"


and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


We hope to add cameras and additional channels as we find active nesting
hens or screech owls.

The field trip of students from Libby Middle School had to be canceled
because of the virus issues. We are hopeful to possibly make some Facebook
LIVE broadcasts of our banding so that students can still be involved. The
cooperative banding program with WDFW will be ramping up from mid-April
till late May.

Martha Jordan

Everett, WA
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