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Expect a lockdown soon bit until then feel comfortable (for me and others) being careful as I go birding.  On Thursday I spent 10 hours in the field (and in car).  Alone in the car.  Out of car birding I did not even see another human being.  Otherwise out of car for gas - wore gloves, no people - and for coffee - wore gloves and did not get within 6 feet of anyone.  Great for my mental health.
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Bravo Josh – although I’m not birding much anymore due to mobility issues I think you’re spot on.  Talk about the opportunity for social distancing… tm.


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Hello Tweets,

I'll put in a vote for the opposite direction. At this point we don't know how long we may be in this situation or what the world will look like when things final return back to "normal", so I'd encourage you all to prioritize your own mental health, get outside, and enjoy our beautiful spring.


Obviously, you'll want to know your own risk situation, but with a little common sense I think nearly everyone reading this can probably enjoy lots of birding. Many of Washington's best birding locations are very sparsely used even on weekend afternoons, and if you can get out first thing on a weekend morning you might have them to yourself. Use it as an excuse to check out some of our less birded and more remote areas.


Josh Adams

Cathcart, WA
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