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That's Jupiter just above Mars (this morning) rising in the east, followed
by Saturn to the left, followed by Mercury in pre-dawn. If you use a scope
to look at Saturn you can see the rings, and Jupiter's moons. :)

OK back to birds.


On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 7:40 PM <birdmarymoor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Tweets – It was sunny but cold this morning, with fog enough to create a

> problem or two, but mostly a nice morning. We were only 4 people for the

> bulk of the walk, though there were a couple of others for owling only.

> Even with the small group, we attempted to hold to the 6-foot rule. It

> did eventually warm up, but spring always seems so slow to arrive.


> Highlights:


> - Cackling Goose – only about 30, in a single flyover flock after the

> walk

> - Anna’s Hummingbird – Kazuto showed me an occupied nest near the

> start of the boardwalk

> - Rufous Hummingbird – we found a female at a nest a the Rowing Club

> - TURKEY VULTURE – two over the mansion heading north – First of Year

> - Barn Owl – saw a couple of times as late as about 7am, from the

> Viewing Mound

> - Western Screech-Owl – Kazuto waited near the nest box (east end of

> the boardwalk) and saw one after 6:30 a.m.

> - MERLIN – quick flyby south of the Pea Patch – First of Year

> - American Crow – much gathering of nesting materials

> - Hermit Thrush – one at the Rowing Club

> - Varied Thrush – at least one heard singing over at the Rowing Club,

> but heard from across the slough

> - European Starling – seen copulating

> - Western Meadowlark – three in East Meadow


> Pre-dawn was gorgeous, with Saturn, Mars, and we think Mercury, then a

> really bright shooting star, and then the crescent moon rising.


> Turns out we should not have been surprised to see TURKEY VULTURE, as this

> week ties Week 39 (end of September) for most sightings for any week of the

> year.


> Misses today included Ring-necked Duck, Mew Gull, Ring-billed Gull,

> Northern Shike, Violet-green Swallow, Marsh Wren, American Goldfinch,

> Savannah Sparrow, and White-crowned Sparrow.


> I hope to get Say’s Phoebe, Mountain Bluebird, and Savannah Sparrow later

> this week.


> For the day, even with the long list of “misses”, we still managed 60

> species.


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