[Tweeters] 2 unknown (to me) birds

Richard Walker RichardAWalker at outlook.com
Thu Mar 19 21:13:24 PDT 2020

Hi Tweeters!
I have two more birds that I cannot identify. Both were seen this morning near the beaver pond at McLane Creek Nature Trail in Olympia, Thurston County.
here is the link to my eBird report with photos:

First is what I think is a Sparrow, but the black beak is throwing me off. I can't find anything that looks exactly like this in my guides.
Second is under "bird sp." because I had no idea where else to put it. It was flying with a Red-winged Blackbird, landed in the tree together then they took off together. I posted the photo of them together in the tree for size comparison and an enlargement of just the very pale tan bird.
Any help with either of these birds is greatly appreciated.
Richard Walker
richardawalker at outlook.com
Olympia, WA

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