[Tweeters] Some Areas in Neah Bay are Not open

mbjunk at wavecable.com mbjunk at wavecable.com
Thu Mar 19 09:04:46 PDT 2020

In regard to previous post on Neah Bay, from my understanding some areas are not really open to non-tribal members since the majority of the Makah Reservation is owned by the tribe thus it is closed to non-tribal members because of virus concerns. Im told there is a sign at intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 112 and that they are stopping/checking people at the entrance into Neah Bay. As much as we all want to find the rare birds that often show up in Neah Bay in the spring, we need to respect the tribe's requirements and not go there to bird at this time. Think about it - the Makah people would be very vulnerable being remote and far from major medical facilities if a virus outbreak would occur there. For now it is best to respect the tribe's wishes and be thankful that they have allowed us to bird there in the past and just wait for it to reopen again. Everyone stay safe

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