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I want to piggyback on Michael's Post and wish I had seen some Pronghorn and/or Bighorns. Really good birds though.  I did a marathon day in Eastern Washington today.  Prairie Falcon in Kittitas then on to Vantage.  At a favorite spot west of Quilomene I had my first Sagebrush Sparrows (4 at least) many Mountain Bluebirds and two Brewer's Sparrows.  At the Quilomene/Whiskey Dick Corrals area were Vesper and Sagebrush Sparrows, Mountain Bluebirds, 2 Sage Thrashers and several Say's Phoebes.  At the canyon at the beginning of Recreation Road I flushed two Chukar and had a surprise singing Cassin's Finch.  At the eastern end of Recreation Road (Rocky something) there were singing Rock and Canyon Wrens and a Say's Phoebe.

>From there I headed over to Umptanum/Wenas Road and had numerous Western and Mountain Bluebirds, many Pygmy Nuthatches, Hairy and White Headed Woodpeckers and a calling Townsend's Solitaire.  At BBQ Flats on Maloy Road I had a Juvenile Golden Eagle with white window panes in wings and white at base of tail.  I then went to Oak Creek Canyon (road is closed) and hiked in.  Included several along the Naches River where the creek comes in, I had at least a dozen and maybe as many as 16 Lewis's Woodpeckers and a very active Canyon Wren.

My last stop was at Bethel Ridge Road.  Pretty quiet but at the corral area I had at least two and possibly as many as 4 Williamson's Sapsucker.  Actively calling and drumming but despite 25 minutes of chasing, I never saw a single one -- very frustrating.
Gorgeous weather - no wind and high of 55 after a low of 23 this morning.
(Almost makes up for having trips to Florida, Cuba, Arizona and Texas canceled --- sigh...
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Tweets - I headed home from the Tri-Cities today,  birding on my way.  Not too much success with birds but...
In the Horse Heaven Hills, I had about a dozen Pronghorn, which really surprised me.  It's my first sighting of them following their reintroduction a couple of years ago. 
In the south end of the Yakima Canyon, I had a few Bighorn Sheep.
At the Quilomene Wildlife Area of Vantage Rd. east of Ellensburg, I had my first SAGEBRUSH SPARROWS and SAGE THRASHERS of the year, along with MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS.  A few miles west of there,  on the Old Vantage Hwy, I had a small flock of VESPER SPARROWS. No Brewer's Sparrows yet however.
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