[Tweeters] WOS meeting April 6th (remote attendance only!)

cynthia burrell cinnyb at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 18 15:11:18 PDT 2020

Hello Tweeters,
I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the surge of spring bird activity!

The April WOS meeting will be held virtually --no in person attendance--at 7:30pm on Monday April 6th. If you are currently a member you'll get log in directions emailed to you. If you are not a member, now is a great time to join! Go to www.wos.org to join.

“ Panama’s Cloud Forest – The junction of bird communities”

Tom Bancroft, Ph.D.

"The mountains of Western Panama are a mixing pot for birds: Neotropical migrants come to winter or pass through on their travels, altitudinal migrants move in and out with the seasons, and then there are the permanent residents, making up a complex and diverse community. Central America is an active geological area, and over the last ten million years the formation of the Isthmus has had a profound influence on the bird communities found throughout North and South America, including those in Washington State. Join WOS (virtually) on April 6th to learn more about this fascinating place and its influence on the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy stunning images of the flora and fauna of Panama and listen to sounds from the cloud forest!"

When: April 6th 7:30pm
Where: On-Line Only (no in-person attendance)

WOS members will receive an email with GTM log-in directions.
Not a member? Join today at www.wos.org

Stay well everyone, and I hope you'll join us for this exciting talk!

Cinny Burrell
WOS meetings co-chair

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