[Tweeters] Grays Harbor Shorebird and Naure Festival

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Community festivals originate from an activity or resource that visitors enjoy. Local volunteers (and sometimes paid help) typically put a lot of time and effort into planning to create a good experience. Smaller towns draw attention, build community pride and often see an economic stimulus from visitors, so a cancelled event can be a tough one to swallow locally both emotionally and economically. While the guides and transportation from the organized event might not be there, the resources (birds, geology, historical/cultural, etc.) will be there. As Dianna suggests, go ahead and make the trip next week to Othello or next month to Grays Harbor but with less traffic and smaller or no crowds.

Randy Hill


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Hey Tweets...The festival will not take place this year due to the virus outbreak and subsequent closing of all schools.

The birds are still going to migrate through the harbor and coast, so maybe some of you will make your way out here anyway. Goodness knows we need time out from the stress we are all experiencing!

Stay safe,

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores

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