[Tweeters] Any sources for appropriate, pre-made bird boxes?

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If the bird house intention is for swallows I’d recommend this site below. Especially important are the dimensions noting not less than a 5x5 floor and for good reason. Swallows can have up to 7 chicks, bird boxes smaller than 5x5 would cause cramming and a reduced chance of survival.

A friend and I build one just shy @ 4.5 x 4.5 inches, shortly thereafter we had found this link below, we tore the new house down and rebuilt from another scratch. The opening was key also to an 1/8 of an inch to discourage European starlings. The outcome was a huge success.


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I saw a number of them at Hobby Lobby.

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Hi all, does anyone have suggested sources for appropriate, pre-made bird boxes? I was advising some birders about providing bird boxes for bird species and have found several good sources of information about how to build boxes of the correct overall size, depth and entrance hole diameter for various species. However, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of where to buy already made bird boxes of the correct dimensions instead of cutesy cludge that don’t really work?

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