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David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 12 21:06:27 PDT 2020

nice to get all this recent info. I went there some years ago for a couple
of weeks, but every site I visited was quite different to those mentioned
except for Antisana. But no problem, as that place was quite memorable
and I heartily recommend it. One drives to the top of paramo at what
must be nearly 15,000 feet.Mt Rainier) The ground is covered in sheets of ice crystals
glistening in the sun. Cushion plants, with gold mustard colored flowers,
like protaeas are scattered widely. At the top one stands facing out over
the Amazon Basin, trying not to get blown over by the gale. And the wide
variety of birds there are most interesting, usually types seen nowhere
else. PS I" leave the street crime in Quito involving Ice cream cones to
another time. Dave

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