[Tweeters] Heron nests in Magnolia

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Hello Connie and tweets,

I believe the Magnolia site you are referring to is in Kiwanis Ravine (also known as Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park) — located south of Commodore Park & Ballard Locks, east of Fort Lawton Cemetery/Discovery Park. I heard the herons abandoned the site due to eagle predation.

Heron Habitat Helpers (https://www.heronhelpers.org/the-season-begins/ <https://www.heronhelpers.org/the-season-begins/>) monitored the herons and worked to restore and protect Kiwanis Ravine for many years. They continue to support & restore the ravine and focus attention on the heron rookery that re-established itself in Commodore Park to the north.

I recommend contacting folks at HHH for additional details about habitat preservation there.

Daoud Miller
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> Kelly and tweets,


> I would guess that the rookery just west of the Locks is not the one Connie

> is talking about. That rookery is still active, or at least was last

> year. It's treacherous to walk below any time of year, as it's thick with

> nesting herons in the summer and with roosting cormorants in the winter.


> Unfortunately I can't help with info on any other historic heron nesting

> sites in Magnolia.


> Good birding,

> Matt Dufort


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>> Would the location be on the south side of the railroad trestle crossing

>> over the water, below the Hiram Chittenden locks? I remember herons nested

>> in that vicinity but my memories are vague at best. The Department of Fish

>> and Wildlife's PHS on the web shows 2013 as the year it was reported.


>> Kelly McAllister


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>> Hey tweets, here's a question for you: Does anyone out there in Tweeterdom

>> know anything about the heron rookery that was active at one time in

>> Magnolia but has since been abandoned? If so, I'd like to pick your brain

>> for an issue concerning habitat preservation.


>> Thanks for any help you can give! - Connie, Seattle


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