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Wed Mar 4 16:40:06 PST 2020

Hello Tweeters,

A number of years ago a Rose-throated Becard was found at a
road side picnic area near Patagonia in Arizona. People flocked to this
spot to try to find the becard. Once people started looking for the becard,
they found a number of other unusual birds. This became known as the picnic
table effect (I think). Anyway, a week or so ago Josh Adams in Snohomish
County found a Mountain Bluebird in a field near Snohomish and reported it
on ebird. Several other people went out to find the bird, some successful,
some not. Yesterday, Maxine Reid went out to try for the bluebird.
Although she didn't find it, she did find a Say's Phoebe, not far away.
(Picnic table effect!) So today I went out to this place, Shorts School
road, south of Snohomish to try for both birds. I didn't find the bluebird,
but I found the Say's Phoebe exactly where Maxine Reid had it-in a horse
paddock about 500-600 feet north of the radio towers and on the opposite
side of the road. The bird was hanging around some new fence posts toward
the north end of the enclosure. Her picture was very useful in helping me
locate the bird. Thank you, Maxine!

Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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