[Tweeters] Help Locate Clark’s Nutcracker Nests for Cornell Lab of Ornithology Film

Taza Schaming tazaschaming at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 06:51:38 PST 2020

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology media team is developing a new project to
support conservation of the whitebark pine ecosystem. Nutcrackers likely
are beginning to nest now, early March, and may continue through June. The
nests are made of twigs, and are ~8-12" wide, ~4-9" high, primarily in
conifers. Based on my own observations: some nests are on outer branches,
others against the trunk; some eye level, some 60+ ft up; some wide-open to
the sky or some easily viewed from below; others totally obscured by
branches on all sides. I've found them all in conifers - in live trees,
dead trees, and in trees with 100% red needles; in every species of conifer
in my study site. Some nest trees are isolated or in a clump of 2-3 trees
on the edge of sage brush flats or grassy hillsides, others are in dense
stands. So, no real rhyme or reason to a lot of this (yet). Best way to
find them is to watch nutcracker behavior, as the nests are pretty hard to
just stumble upon. Please report any active nests to Taza Schaming at
tds55 at cornell.edu. Thank you!

Taza Schaming, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative
256 Gulf Hill Rd.
Voorheesville, NY 12186
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