[Tweeters] Upset Property Owner in Waterville Plateau

Devon Comstock devonc78 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 10:01:17 PST 2020

Thank you for these reminders. I'd like to add another thing that can go a
long way in rural areas.

Please be aware of the condition of the road you're driving. If it's very
soft and driving on it creates ruts, please avoid driving on it. This
creates a lot of issues for locals trying to go about their day and moving
equipment. These roads get limited county maintenance.

Also, even when you're on a seemingly unused or low use rural road, please
observe normal road safety and traffic laws. i.e. stay to the right, don't
stop mid road, pull ALL the way over to the side when wishing to glass or
stop. Do not block field roads or driveways.


Devon Comstock
Wenatchee, WA

On Mon, Mar 2, 2020, 08:31 Jennifer Kauffman <jenkauffman99 at gmail.com>

> Hello,

> People who are birding up around Atkins Lake on the Waterville Plateau

> should know that a property owner is upset about much of the birding

> activity. Birders might want to avoid the area just now, or at least be

> very careful about what they photograph and look at with their binoculars

> and about blocking roads and driveways.


> The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) received this report from a

> birder who interacted with the upset property owner. Some people have

> entered private property without permission, looked into the house with

> binoculars, and have been rude to local residents. While we do not believe

> a WOS member was involved, we recognize that a lot of people have been

> birding in the Okanogan this winter. We want birders to be mindful of

> this situation, and our greatest concern is that birders not cause or

> contribute to confrontations that could escalate to harsh words or worse.


> On behalf of WOS, we would like to ask you to review the American Birding

> Association (ABA) ethical birding guidance:

> https://www.aba.org/aba-code-of-birding-ethics/


> In addition, please be kind to the birds and respect other people.

> Consider the following:

> • Do not enter private property without permission.

> • Do not enter restricted or posted areas.

> • SMILE at the locals. Wave. Be friendly.

> • Share your knowledge.

> • Be openly grateful to locals: patronize local businesses if

> possible and tell them you’re a birder.

> • Don’t point your binoculars at people’s houses without

> permission

> • Speak up, if possible, when you see others behaving badly…..but

> be kind!


> Thank you for your consideration….and happy birding.

> Eric Dudley, President, and Jennifer Kauffman, Vice President, Washington

> Ornithological Society


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