[Tweeters] candidates notes/evaluation

Mark Egger m.egger at comcast.net
Sun Mar 1 19:04:15 PST 2020

Hi Diann and all,

I’m a very long term member of the Center for Biological Diversity, the outfit that published this ranking you shared, but I am extremely displeased with their analysis and think they are portraying very misleading information, clearly favoring Sanders. After I read their rating, I went to the League of Conservation Voters site and looked at the LIFE-TIME voting records for Sanders, Klobuchar, and Warren. Of these three senators, all with extensive voting records, Sanders actually was the LOWEST, with 92%, Amy Klobuchar had 94%, and Warren was the best, with 98%! So based on actual cast votes, both Klobuchar AND Warren have better records on conservation and the environment than Sanders. Yet Sanders gets an A, Warren a B, and Klobuchar an F from the CBD??? So how does that work? In my view some folks at the CBD have decided to try to help Bernie with opinion-based “ratings”, rather than actual facts. That being said, in terms of conservation and environmental policies, ANY of those three or any other candidate in the race will be an astronomical improvement over the current regime…


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