[Tweeters] Owls ( and a falling mouse)

STEVEN ELLIS sremse at comcast.net
Tue Jan 28 21:59:40 PST 2020

My wife and I just got back (9:15pm) from our usual evening stroll from our house. We could hear 6 Great-horned Owls- 3 to the east and 3 to the west.

While walking the road shoulder a Deer Mouse fell about 4 feet in front of us. It quickly scurried into the nearby salal. It either fell from the power line or was dropped by a 7th owl. It also could have fallen from a tree but that would have been a drop of 30'+. In any case, it shrugged off the hard ;landing and seemed uninjured.
----Steve Ellis
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Coupeville (beware of falling rodents), Wa
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