[Tweeters] Bridgeport Hill, Washburn Island and Waterville Plateau Scout update 1/27

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Tue Jan 28 01:01:22 PST 2020

Hi Tweets,

Our scout trip had a nice showing of Sharp-tailed Grouse on Bridgeport Hill, as well as Long-eared Owl inadvertently flushed from a large Sagebrush.

The Bohemian Waxwings finally showed up in the area around the weigh station where 17 intersects with 97, many Cedar Waxwings were there as well.

Washburn Island was very productive with diversity. Lots of fun waterfowl to enjoy including Eared Grebe and can you believe it... a Snow Goose with Canada Geese. We picked up American Tree Sparrow and Lincoln’s Sparrow among the large flock of White-crowned Sparrows. Purple Finch was photographed We also had a Barn Owl!

The Waterville Plateau was good for many Rough-legged Hawk. We also saw three Prairie Falcons.

Thanks to all who helped me with a really fun scout trip

Overall a good diversity of species, a very enjoyable winter trip where I’m super excited for the WOS Trip Presidents Day Weekend. Many locals in Douglas and Okanogan are very worried about their perception of diminished diversity and diminished numbers. I’m concerned about their concerns and plan to be attentive and responsive.

Happy birding,
Shep Thorp

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