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Good question. I’ve always thought that pishing simply made them curious.
Imitating a Pygmy Owl might be more stressful.
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> " I have heard that pishing can be unethical because generally it disrupts

> the nearby birds from their normal activity. It seems to me that "normal"

> includes high-alert. Use of the word "harassment" frankly makes me wonder

> if how much care is taken not to anthropomorphize. Birds are naturally on

> high-alert even when they appear calm."



> It seems to me that if birds were naturally on high alert at normal times,

> they would not need a high alert warning sound to advise other birds to be

> on high alert.


> I would be cautious about placing birds in a stressful alert status based

> on a subjective perception about how "calm" they appear. In the absence of

> information regarding the damage that sort of stress might cause, perhaps

> the best course is to avoid actions that might cause harm.


> Best Birding Wishes,


> Steve Wood

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