[Tweeters] While out swan counting...non swan encounters

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 19:30:45 PST 2020

This is official swan survey week for WDFW. While up in Skagit County
yesterday I observed skeins and skeins of snow geese coming into a field
east of I-5 near Conway. Likely about 15,000 or so finally settled in over
a 20 minute period. I was parked on the road across a ditch from them.
Suddenly the entire group erupted in voice and flight, typical of a
predator response. I nearly had geese in my car. Truly a sight to behold.
Then I drove around the corner to survey a small group of swans and
encountered 5 bald eagles (2 ad, 3 juv) arguing over a dead snow goose. The
juvies were winning but the ensuing tussles was well worth a 10 minute
stop. The snow goose was devoured by then.

Today I was up in Whatcom County counting swans over near Everson.
1. A sandhill crane was among a small group of trumpeter swans off Holz Rd
just sough of Van Dyk. Then off Lankhaar Rd (off Van Dyk) I saw a large
group of cackler Canada geese (and a few larger ones) and 1 lovely adult
white fronted goose.

And Monday in Snohomish County: a male Kestrel off Short School Rd south of
Snohomish and a rough-legged hawk.

Tomorrow is King County: let the wonder of birding surprise me.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
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