[Tweeters] Code of Ethics, playback sounds

Wood, Steven woodsteven at seattleu.edu
Wed Jan 22 12:40:42 PST 2020

" I have heard that pishing can be unethical because generally it disrupts the nearby birds from their normal activity. It seems to me that "normal" includes high-alert. Use of the word "harassment" frankly makes me wonder if how much care is taken not to anthropomorphize. Birds are naturally on high-alert even when they appear calm."

It seems to me that if birds were naturally on high alert at normal times, they would not need a high alert warning sound to advise other birds to be on high alert.

I would be cautious about placing birds in a stressful alert status based on a subjective perception about how "calm" they appear. In the absence of information regarding the damage that sort of stress might cause, perhaps the best course is to avoid actions that might cause harm.

Best Birding Wishes,

Steve Wood

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