[Tweeters] another mystery bird

AMK17 amk17 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 20 12:00:39 PST 2020

Hi Tweets,

So, out the kitchen window I observed a bigger than house finch bird with a yellow/orange or buffy bold supercilium, a dark stripe through the eye, a pale pointed bill and a yellow throat. It also initially appeared to have a black bib but the lighting was so very poor.

I managed to get 4 very very bad photos in very dark conditions. The yellow throat is obvious as is the supercilium and pointed bill. The bird is backlit so difficult to see the color in the bill but the breast looks clean and not striped. I ruled out house sparrow (female) as the size and bill shape and yellow throat are wrong. I checked female blackbirds as they do visit the feeders but the size was wrong (bird was smaller than blackbird). My first thought when I saw the bib was Harris' sparrow but the yellow throat and strong supercilium are wrong.

It flew north towards 65th in Phinney Ridge .

Here is a link to some very bad pics (of course now it's cleared):


Any guesses would be greatly appreciated; feel free to email me directly.

Seattle, WA


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