[Tweeters] bird finding guide for the Brownsville, and South Padre Island area

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I subscribe to Texas Birds email list which can be useful. Generally not as many reports as Tweeters for some of the more typical (for Texas) that you might want to see see but pretty active.

Also, eBird (website) and Birdseye apps are useful in seeing up-to-date sightings by location, frequency/recency etc.

Quite a few locations have whiteboards at entrances for current/previous days including S. Padre hotspots.

The books referenced are indespensable but can get out of date for some locations, not reflect changes in access. Don't want to piss off farmers or get stuck on bad roads. 😀

Be sure to go to Aplamado falcon spot on road to S. Padre. Was there last April and had to wait for a while for very distant spec to fly close enough to actually see but we'll worth it.

Wish I could join you!

Typed on phone with clumsy fingers and autocorrect that doesn’t speak “birding”

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There is likely the need for two; one for the coast and one for the LRGV. We have birded the area from Aransas NWR south to Padre and the up the river a ways. The guides are really good as there are a lot of "pocket" sites such as "go here for Upland Sandpipers" in winter" (a sod farm) or behind the library for Seedeaters. Plus the little pocket migrant trap on S Padre.

As an FYI, Texans are pretty keen on property rights so you don't trespass.

Hal Michael

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A friend and I are thinking of spending a week in this area, but I cannot make plans as I don't have a clue what guide includes this area. Theres one on Rio Grande, and several others, so which includes that area?
Thank you for your help in this matter.
Vicki Biltz
Buckley, WA 98321

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